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EXPOSE YOURSELF: How To Take Risks, Question Everything and Find Yourself - Humor and Insights From My Life As a Stripper

ISBN 9781073690671

After her first two eye-opening books about the stripper world and her memoirs, Erin Louis offers us her new self-help book promoting critical thinking and self-confidence through humor, challenging insights, and her own true stories.

For an audience of everyone, never before has a stripper used her unique insights into people and life, based on her true stories, presented a more challenging self-help book to help you find happiness, find yourself, find true friends, and live your own life!

Dirty Money.jpg
Dirty Money: Memoirs of a Stripper

ISBN 9781544767222 

"Having spent 17 years in the exotic dancing industry, I have grown tired of the typical ill-adjusted, drug-addicted stripper story. Contrary to the reigning stereotype, I offer a candid look at my own adventures in the industry and how it has affected my life. I present my memoirs as a rebuttal to the talk show depiction of exotic dancers as chemically challenged, poorly disguised prostitutes with severe daddy and body image issues.

"Starting with my childhood, I recount the experiences I had and what led to my choice to become a stripper. I recall the funny, sad, and sometimes gross moments in my career. I try to answer all the questions most people ask me once they've had a few too many drinks and finally give in to their curiosity about my naughty job." Erin Louis

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Think You Want To Be A Stripper?

ISBN 9781723577031

"Think You Want To Be A Stripper? If so, this book was written with you in mind.

"Having over 20 years experience as an exotic dancer, I offer my advice and opinions on the industry. I entered the business at age 18 with almost no guidance at all, and have somehow managed to make it through with most of my sanity.

"I hope to shed some light on the industry and help the future generation of ass shakers do the same."  Erin Louis

More than just a guide for future and current strippers, this book engages all audiences who are curious about the backstage stories, the under-workings and what one stripper might think important to tell another. A fun read for everyone!