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Dirty Money: Memoirs of a Stripper

Having spent over 20 years in the exotic dancing industry, I have grown tired of the typical ill adjusted, drug addicted stripper story. Contrary to the reigning stereotype, I offer a candid look at my own adventures in the industry and how it has affected my life. I present my memoirs as a rebuttal to the talk show depiction of exotic dancers as chemically challenged, poorly disguised prostitutes with severe daddy and body image issues. Starting with my childhood, I recount the experiences I had and what led to my choice to become a stripper. I recall the funny, sad, and sometimes gross moments in my career. I try to answer all the questions most people ask me once they've had a few too many drinks and finally give in to their curiosity about my naughty job.

"This book caught me by surprise. Honestly, I only picked it up because it was suggested on Kindle Unlimited. I figured it was going to be a typical stripper book... and yes, I have read a couple over the years. Diablo Cody was the major one, but there have been many others. Hey, I'm a guy... I've been to a strip club in my younger days.

Anyway... when I say typical, I mean these books are usually filled with lame excuses of why the woman does drugs, steals, prostitutes and tries to treat men as badly as they are treated. I got none of it here, but I did get to see she wasn't perfect, either.

She didn't have a perfect life growing up but it wasn't the excuse that propelled her into stripping. Money and paying her bills was the main reason, and the inner battle she faced over the years about continuing was interesting."


- Armand Rosamilia, author of the Dirty Deeds crime thriller series