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South of Heaven

Kat, a lapsed Catholic and promiscuous stripper, never thought she would get into Heaven.

Even as she stands there at the Pearly Gates, she naturally expects to be sent directly to Hell. She picks a fight with St. Peter just for fun, but rules are rules, and Kat makes it into Heaven on a minor technicality.
Once there, Kat discovers, much to her dismay, the angels are jerks, the only music is God-awful Christian rock, and her brand-new halo comes with some most troubling conditions.
As if things weren’t dismaying enough, Kay reunites with her father, who found eternal peace in a bottomless bottle of scotch, and her pot-smoking aunt, whose demon dealer resides in Hell. When she tracks down the demon, he tells Kat about his home in the desolate, fiery pit - where it rains blood but possesses all the earthly pleasures she misses so much in her disappointing afterlife.
Heaven isn’t the paradise Kat was promised in Sunday school, and she wants out.

But will they let her go?

"Very humorous and enjoyable look at the absurdity of the notions of heaven, hell, sin and forgiveness. Especially love the cat. While the story is fun and enjoyable, it uses humor to bring up serious issues in Christian mythology. Not in a didactic way, but it's there if you want to see it." Donald Brawley - Amazon review

Audiobook coming soon
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Stripper Noir 


Exotic Dancers are dying at an alarming rate in Las Vegas.

Former LVPD detective, Frank Michi, is roped into helping not only his former partner, but also the New Jersey mobsters who run th
e strip club, to unmask the psychopath who is running amok killing the dancers.

Can he figure it out in time - before more girls are brutally murdered?

"I’m pretty much out of my “detective phase” now that I’ve finished Random, but I wanted to check it out. It’s a nice detective murder thing with a twist and a very nice look at Vegas and the strip club scene. It’s very accurate (as far as I know) strip club description and you never see that in a book, so that was nice.  And a nice view of Vegas one doesn’t usually get. I really enjoyed it." 

Penn Jillette Author of Random 

EXPOSE YOURSELF - Book Cover for Website
EXPOSE YOURSELF: How To Take Risks, Question Everything and Find Yourself - Humor and Insights From My Life As a Stripper
As an under clothed and unlikely voice of reason, I offer this book promoting critical thinking and self-confidence using anecdotes and analogies from my career as a stripper. Dancing naked isn't always about rolling around in a pile of dollar bills, and it gave me a unique perspective on humanism, sexuality, and logic. Life lessons that I don't think I would have learned working behind a desk. But no worries dear reader, you don't need to get naked to learn these lessons yourself, I've already done that for you. 

"This is such a sweet book. It’s so sweet and honest. It’s a stripper’s POV on atheism. It’s great to see these Dawkins and Hitchens ideas put into a life that’s more real than the academic world that most atheist writers live in. The writer was a stripper and writes about how atheism helped and pushed her in that and uses her thinking from that world. Talking about customers at the strip club and other dancers and how atheism fits in with that. It’s like a really fun talk with a stripper."

Penn Jillette Author of God No! Signs you may already be an atheist


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Dirty Money: Memoirs of  a Stripper

Having spent over 20 years in the exotic dancing industry, I have grown tired of the typical ill adjusted, drug addicted stripper story. Contrary to the reigning stereotype, I offer a candid look at my own adventures in the industry and how it has affected my life. I present my memoirs as a rebuttal to the talk show depiction of exotic dancers as chemically challenged, poorly disguised prostitutes with severe daddy and body image issues. Starting with my childhood, I recount the experiences I had and what led to my choice to become a stripper. I recall the funny, sad, and sometimes gross moments in my career. I try to answer all the questions most people ask me once they've had a few too many drinks and finally give in to their curiosity about my naughty job.

"This book caught me by surprise. Honestly, I only picked it up because it was suggested on Kindle Unlimited. I figured it was going to be a typical stripper book... and yes, I have read a couple over the years. Diablo Cody was the major one, but there have been many others. Hey, I'm a guy... I've been to a strip club in my younger days.

Anyway... when I say typical, I mean these books are usually filled with lame excuses of why the woman does drugs, steals, prostitutes and tries to treat men as badly as they are treated. I got none of it here, but I did get to see she wasn't perfect, either." Armand Rosamilia Author of the Dying Days series


Dirty Thoughts and Awkward Boners: Sexy short stories from a former stripper

After 20 years as a stripper, I have a few stories to tell. And after three books about dancing I've told most of them. This collection has all the filthy fantasies and never before told naughty tales that I left out of my other books. Plus a few sexy photos. Sometimes funny, but always dirty, it's smut for the sheer fun of it.

"Erin's stories are very descriptive and fire one's imagination. This book has it all, the sizzle and the steak. Stretching out in a hammock with a beverage or two while reading this book is great escapist fun. Do yourself a favor and get this book." - Amazon review 

Think You Want To Be a Stripper.jpg
Think You Want To Be A Stripper?​

Think you want to be a stripper?  It's not all glitter and fake boobs. I entered the business at 18 with almost no guidance at all and have somehow managed to make it through with most of my sanity intact. Having over 20 years experience as an exotic dancer, I take an unfiltered and humorous look at the job as I knew it. After all, If you can't laugh about showing your genitalia to the adult public, I'm not sure what you can laugh about. 

"I’m not a dancer, but I’m writing a project about a dancer. I have never written a book review in my life, and I read around 100 books a year between Audible, Kindle, and physical copies. This book is important. The last chapter is important for anyone inside or outside the sex work industry, and I had to let people know my thoughts because Mrs. Erin Louis has done something important in these pages and with her life. Do yourself a favor and read her story for yourself and for the better of humanity. You’ll understand what I mean by the end." - Amazon review

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