Dirty Thoughts and Awkward Boners: Sexy short stories from a former stripper

After 20 years as a stripper, I have a few stories to tell. And after three books about dancing I've told most of them. This collection has all the filthy fantasies and never before told naughty tales that I left out of my other books. Plus a few sexy photos. Sometimes funny, but always dirty, it's smut for the sheer fun of it.

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Dirty Money: Memoirs of  a Stripper

Having spent over 20 years in the exotic dancing industry, I have grown tired of the typical ill adjusted, drug addicted stripper story. Contrary to the reigning stereotype, I offer a candid look at my own adventures in the industry and how it has affected my life. I present my memoirs as a rebuttal to the talk show depiction of exotic dancers as chemically challenged, poorly disguised prostitutes with severe daddy and body image issues. Starting with my childhood, I recount the experiences I had and what led to my choice to become a stripper. I recall the funny, sad, and sometimes gross moments in my career. I try to answer all the questions most people ask me once they've had a few too many drinks and finally give in to their curiosity about my naughty job.

EXPOSE YOURSELF: How To Take Risks, Question Everything and Find Yourself - Humor and Insights From My Life As a Stripper

"Eye-opening! The sexiest book on critical thinking and skepticism you'll ever read.
A stereotype-shattering self-defense course for your mind, plus a true-life memoir filled with stripper secrets, New Orleans ghost-hunting, psychic-busting, turning failures into successes, the terrible truth behind the dreaded stripper mafia, and why there's more kindness in the world than you think.
Go on, take a bite of Erin Louis' forbidden fruit of knowledge -she dares you!"
-David Fitzgerald
Author of Nailed and The Complete Heretic's Guide to Western Religion series

Think You Want To Be A Stripper?

Think You Want To Be A Stripper? If so, this book was written with you in mind.

"Having over 20 years experience as an exotic dancer, I offer my advice and opinions on the industry. I entered the business at age 18 with almost no guidance at all, and have somehow managed to make it through with most of my sanity.

I hope to shed some light on the industry and help the future generation of ass shakers do the same.

More than just a guide for future and current strippers, this book engages all audiences who are curious about the backstage stories, the under-workings and what one stripper might think important to tell another.