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I am a former adult entertainer, with a love of books, writing and humor. My job has given me a unique perspective on life. I spent twenty years as a stripper on and off and started writing as a way to shed light on a misunderstood industry and profession. Frustrated with the stereotypes often presented on talk shows, movies, and articles, my goal is to help paint a broader and more accurate picture of the profession. But also, to destigmatize and humanize those who choose to work in the adult entertainment industry.


I became active in the secular community after a mega church targeted my son's elementary school with a free bike giveaway designed to lure public school children and their parents to a religious event. The Freedom from Religion Foundation stepped in with a letter to the district that lead to the school to stop promoting the church event. After that, I began writing and advocating for secular issues. My focus is on the separation of church and state, secular humanism and critical thinking.


My passion for writing began with nonfiction, but I have always loved horror fiction. Stephen King, Lois Duncan, and Clive Barker got me through some tough years growing up. I found an escape through those books along with countless others. My own fiction reflects those influences as well as my love for all things dark and maybe just a bit scary.

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