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Matters of Faith with Jay Wilburn Podcast..

Updated: Jun 21

Update: I removed the link because our interview is no longer available. Jay passed away last year, but not before finishing a zombie novella to be published soon along with one of mine and fellow friend and author Armand Rosamilia. I am honored to be published with him. He was a prolific horror author.

Jay and I came from opposite ends of the religious spectrum, as I am atheist and he was a Christian. Our discussion on his podcast was as respectful as it was enlightening. Maybe for both of us. He is one of the reasons that I do not, and probably won't ever consider myself an anti-theist. While I do think that religion causes a lot of harm when taken to extremes or exploited for self serving reasons, Jay taught me that just because some one is a believer doesn't mean they are stupid or ethically or morally compromised as some atheists and anti-theists make think. He was kind and intelligent and although I never got to meet him in person, I will mourn his loss. Not only for myself but for the world which is just a little darker with out him in it.

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